Transform your sleep: The scientific way to energize your body, sharpen your mind, and stop hitting snooze.

It’s 7 a.m., and you’re already disgusted with yourself. You planned to go for an early run, but when your alarm sounded, you hit snooze. Then you hit it again. After the third time, your partner told you to “shut that damn thing off!”

Now here you are: About to embark on yet another over-scheduled day, and you’ve blown your one chance for some exercise. And you’re left wondering: “Why can’t I get motivated to work out in the morning?”

I can tell you with confidence: Repeatedly hitting the snooze button has nothing to do with motivation. The real problem is: You’re just not getting enough sleep.

Look ahead and set yourself up for great sleep with a 14-day sleep plan. Choose what time you’re going to get up and strive for consistency here, even on the weekends. 

Here are some pointers:

➡️ You might find it easier to get up if you sleep with the blinds open—allowing natural light to stimulate Process C (your circadian rhythm).

➡️ Get activated early in the day, by making your favorite coffee, taking a shower, walking the dog, or checking social media. If you plan to shift your morning routine by more than an hour, do it in 30-minute increments, every three to four days.

➡️ As you shift your wake time, shift your bedtime. There’ll be a delay of a day or so, but they should go together. Otherwise, you’ll be sleep deprived.

➡️ Lower your stress levels near bedtime. (No news or work email!)

➡️ Line up support from family. Consider what you can do to ensure you can easily stick to your plan six days out of seven, and remember the three reasons why improving your sleep matters to you.

Try the plan for two weeks, and re-assess. Do you fall asleep easily, drifting off within 20 minutes or so? Have your middle of the night awakenings become a rare occurrence? Can you get out of bed without smashing the snooze button countless times? Do you feel more rested and energetic?

If you answered yes to all those questions, great job. You’ve just figured out a sleep routine that works for you!

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