Train like a Division I athlete. LEG1ON Training & Performance aims to deliver that experience to each and everyone of its clients.

Built by athletes for EVERYONE, L1TP has brought together a staff of Pittsburgh’s top coaches with the tools and amenities you would only find on a major college campus or in a professional facility.

The L1TP coaches and staff understand that each client has a different goal. It could be the pursuit of a scholarship, a professional opportunity, or just achieving a fitness goal. No matter what the end result is, the L1TP staff will give you the individualized attention you need to reach your destination.

Built on its core values – Embrace Feeling Uncomfortable, Embrace Failure, and Never Give Up – LEG1ON Training & Performance will push you to your limit. The coaches and staff will embrace you, regardless of your fitness level, and will provide you with the necessary tools and training to help you commit to a better future.

Are you ready to join the LEG1ON?

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